The perfect horror and indulgent game

The perfect horror game goes to…

Silent Hill 2! 

Silent Hill 2 is a horror adventure type of game.

Horror Adventure Production Company: KONAMI Publishing Company: KONAMI

Just hearing the three words “Silent Hill” has already made my creeps.

After entering the game tier list, the foggy town made my heartbeat rise rapidly, and the realistic and terrifying sound effects made my hands tremble…

Silent Hill 2, it is these effects that make countless players around the world go crazy.

The night is already deep, and the sound from outside the window sneaks into my ears.

Is it the sound of wind or rain?

There were several meows, is there anyone walking outside?

Turning around, I don’t know when the monster has appeared on the computer screen!

“Silent Hill 2” is a horror game that is as well-known as “Resident Evil”.

The difference is that “Resident Evil” is a shock type, which means that when a monster suddenly appears, it will startle you.

“Silent Hill” gives people a sense of depression.

This feeling will always exist in the game from beginning to end.

You are afraid when there are monsters, when they suddenly appear, and when they do not appear.

In the entire town surrounded by dense fog, you are the only one who is really alive and thinking, and what is waiting for you?

No one knows.

The “Silent Hill” series are all released on TV games, and now the second generation has finally been ported to the computer.

I don’t need to say much about the effect of the game.

The full 3D images vividly create the town of “Silent Hill”, and the fog effect adds some weird colors to the game.

The music is also a bit boring in that way, which sets off the atmosphere of the game.

The roar of the monster and your panting can clearly distinguish the direction of the sound source.

Because the PC’s software and hardware expandability is much better than that of PS2, the PC’s screen looks more realistic than PS2, and the scene transition is more smooth.

The picture of “Silent Hill 2” is more realistic than the picture on PS2, and the scene transition is smoother.

Because the resolution of the PC monitor is far better than that of the TV, the PC version of the picture appears more tense.

The dynamic lens effects and dark atmosphere undoubtedly render the game’s horror feeling.

For example, when the protagonist of the game James walked out of the hospital, a monster covered in blood and unknown to him suddenly jumped out and pounced on him.

When I played this scene, it was 1:00 at night, and I felt my body temperature drop several degrees!

It should be said that the game is still difficult, but it should not be a big deal for fans.

There is no need to mention the sound effects at all.

Konami’s music has always been very moving, and this time is no exception.

Turning on the speakers will definitely make you feel like you are on the scene.

Especially when using that monitor radio…

Other aspects to talk about are the operation and plot.

Players who are familiar with “Resident Evil” in operation should be able to get started soon, and the operation in other aspects is similar to “Metal Gear”.

Because of the support of the handle control, it is very comfortable to operate.

The most indulgent game 

The most indulgent game is “Grand Theft Auto III” (Grand Theft Auto III)

Game Type: Action Game Development: Rockstar Game Release: Take-Two Interactive

After experiencing this game of tomorrow that is only desperate in life, you will realize the preciousness and fun of real life…

The game maker hopes that players will understand the eternal truth of survival of the fittest…

It seems to have been Leaving the atmosphere of the game, and becoming a thermometer that touches the public’s psychological heat!

Perhaps everyone has long no longer viewed the world as “good guys” and “bad guys,” because the real world cannot be distinguished by these two simple words.

This game can be described as a bad person, because, you are playing a ruffian!

In the usual worldview, even if such a small person dies on the street, he deserves his crime, but have you ever thought of seeing the world from the perspective of a ruffian?

This game gives us an opportunity to fully indulge ourselves in the virtual world.

Not to mention its graphics, operation, sound effects, or other superficial things, just judging from his unique creativity, it is full of praise.

The ruffian only lives today, and tomorrow will only mean “despair” for them.

So the role played by the player is such a constant crazy criminal character.

Perhaps, you have to criticize how low-level and tasteless this game is from the height of ethics.

That is because you have not faced the test of survival.

In their world, survival is always the first place.

No matter what the price is for this goal!