The Perfect Horror And Indulgent Game

The perfect horror and indulgent game

The perfect horror game goes to…

Silent Hill 2! 

Silent Hill 2 is a horror adventure type of game.

Horror Adventure Production Company: KONAMI Publishing Company: KONAMI

Just hearing the three words “Silent Hill” has already made my creeps.

After entering the game tier list, the foggy town made my heartbeat rise rapidly, and the realistic and terrifying sound effects made my hands tremble…

Silent Hill 2, it is these effects that make countless players around the world go crazy.

The night is already deep, and the sound from outside the window sneaks into my ears.

Is it the sound of wind or rain?

There were several meows, is there anyone walking outside?

Turning around, I don’t know when the monster has appeared on the computer screen!

“Silent Hill 2” is a horror game that is as well-known as “Resident Evil”.

The difference is that “Resident Evil” is a shock type, which means that when a monster suddenly appears, it will startle you.

“Silent Hill” gives people a sense of depression.

This feeling will always exist in the game from beginning to end.

You are afraid when there are monsters, when they suddenly appear, and when they do not appear.

In the entire town surrounded by dense fog, you are the only one who is really alive and thinking, and what is waiting for you?

No one knows.

The “Silent Hill” series are all released on TV games, and now the second generation has finally been ported to the